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What are leasing rights?

When you lease a beat you have the rights to legally use a song in a commercial project. (see our licensing info for more details)

How much is a lease?

30 for a basic lease, 75 for a premium lease (WAV) and 150 for an unlimited lease (includes track outs). See our licensing info for more details.

Can I upgrade a lease?

Yes you can. After you made a purchase the site will create an account for you where you can download or upgrade your leases. You can login here.

When and how will I receive my purchase?

You will instantly receive your purchases after your payment completes. For new customers we will create an account where we will store your downloads. If you're a returning customer the site will automatically update your download/purchase list.

What is a trackout and are they available?

Trackouts are individual instrument tracks that make up the beat. Trackouts are available on unlimited leases.

  1. Mrs. Parker soul r&b
  2. No More r&b
  3. She Knows r&b
  4. Just Wanna Smash ft. Maskerade r&b
  5. Exotic Lover r&b
  6. Kiss From Your Lips ft. Maskerade r&b
  7. Kiss From Your Lips r&b
  8. On My Own r&b
  9. Irreversible r&b
  10. Her r&b
  11. By My Side pop
  12. Coffee Cafe hiphop
  13. Catch Me hiphop
  14. Faith hiphop
  15. Homecoming hiphop
  16. Exhale reggae
  17. Watcha Doin r&b
  18. Last Night hiphop
  19. Nothing r&b
  20. Desire r&b
  21. Street Life (part 2) hiphop
  22. Suspicious r&b
  23. Jah Guidance reggae
  24. Before You Go pop
  25. What I've Done r&b
  26. Hazy Thoughts hiphop
  27. Quiet Storm hiphop
  28. Lights Off hiphop
  29. How Could You r&b
  30. The One pop
  31. God's Love r&b
  32. Hate Me Now hiphop
  33. Entrepreneurs hiphop
  34. Autumn Girl r&b
  35. Decisions r&b
  36. Love Trip hiphop
  37. Superman hiphop
  38. Midnite r&b
  39. Feel It soul r&b
  40. Deja Vu hiphop
  41. Amsterdam City hiphop
  42. I'm Sorry r&b
  43. See You Again r&b
  44. Medicate r&b
  45. This Christmas r&b
  46. Living reggae
  47. Giving You My All r&b
  48. Lifetime hiphop
  49. Dreamland r&b
  50. As Above, So Below r&b
  51. She's So Fine r&b
  52. Up There r&b
  53. What I Promise ft. Maskerade pop
  54. Love On You r&b
  55. HeartStop r&b
  56. Medicate ft. Fred Nice r&b
  57. Say So r&b
  58. Lost Without You r&b
  59. Cruisin r&b
  60. Stay r&b
  61. Lost Ones soul r&b
  62. Teardrops hiphop
  63. High School Love r&b
  64. Where'd You Go r&b
  65. Good Morning hiphop
  66. No Second Thots r&b
  67. My Love reggae
  68. He Say She Say r&b
  69. Family reggae
  70. Belong r&b
  71. Never Change hiphop
  72. When The Lights Go Out r&b
  73. Loud Silence r&b
  74. Stand Alone hiphop
  75. Platinum Girl ft. Maskerade r&b
  76. Ridiculous reggae
  77. Another Day hiphop
  78. Soulville hiphop
  79. Never Knew r&b
  80. Say So ft. Maskerade r&b
  81. Platinum Girl r&b
  82. What Would Have Been r&b
  83. Unknown reggae
  84. Street Life hiphop
  85. As You Are r&b
  86. Perfection zouk
  87. My Thing r&b
  88. Hot Tub r&b
  89. So Much Better ft. Maskerade r&b
  90. Call Me r&b
  91. Secret Invitation r&b
  92. You And I pop
  93. Always And Forever r&b
  94. Zodiac Signs r&b
  95. It Won't Be Long ft. Maskerade hiphop
  96. Somebody Special hiphop
  97. Fool For You r&b
  98. Moment Of Truth hiphop
  99. Watcha Doin ft. Maskerade r&b
  100. Giving You My All ft. Maskerade r&b
  101. Ex to Ex r&b
  102. Back To Love r&b
  103. Addicted Soul hiphop
  104. Beautiful Distraction r&b
  105. Little Things r&b
  106. Lovely Days r&b
  107. Rock The Boat r&b
  108. Lay It Down r&b
  109. Keep Going r&b
  110. I Don't Mean It r&b
  111. Up 2 You r&b
  112. Don't Cry hiphop
  113. Fabulous r&b
  114. L.A. Love r&b
  115. Nothing ft. Haz r&b
  116. Sex O'Clock r&b
  117. Ima Gangsta hiphop
  118. Flashbacks r&b
  119. Over and Over r&b
  120. On The Grind r&b
  121. I Don't Mean It ft. Maskerade r&b
  122. Drop Of A Dime r&b
  123. Sunrise r&b
  124. Love Letter r&b
  125. Lovely Days ft. John Michael r&b
  126. One Night Stand r&b
  127. Make Money hiphop
  128. Drop Of A Dime ft. J Stavo r&b
  129. You're Mine zouk
    • N/A
  130. Wondering hiphop
    • N/A
  131. Stay The Night soul r&b
    • N/A
  132. Favorite Girl r&b
    • N/A
  133. Touchin You r&b
    • N/A
  134. Ease Up reggae
    • N/A
  135. Make This Right ft. Maskerade r&b
    • N/A
  136. Me, Myself and I ft. Maskerade hiphop
    • N/A
  137. You Can Get It ft. Maskerade hiphop
    • N/A
  138. You Can Get It hiphop
    • N/A
  139. Me, Myself and I hiphop
    • N/A
  140. Purple Haze hiphop
    • N/A
  141. Monde Paix pop
    • N/A
  142. Can U Handle It r&b
    • N/A
  143. Just Like Music ft. Maskerade r&b
    • N/A
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