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What are leasing rights?

When you lease a beat you have the rights to legally use a song in a commercial project. (see our licensing info for more details)

How much is a lease?

30 for a basic lease, 75 for a premium lease (WAV) and 150 for an unlimited lease (includes track outs). See our licensing info for more details.

Can I upgrade a lease?

Yes you can. After you made a purchase the site will create an account for you where you can download or upgrade your leases. You can login here.

When and how will I receive my purchase?

You will instantly receive your purchases after your payment completes. For new customers we will create an account where we will store your downloads. If you're a returning customer the site will automatically update your download/purchase list.

What is a trackout and are they available?

Trackouts are individual instrument tracks that make up the beat. Trackouts are available on unlimited leases.

  1. Rewind (BeatsBySV collab) zouk
  2. Coffee Cafe hiphop
  3. Catch Me hiphop
  4. Watcha Doin r&b
  5. Faith hiphop
  6. Last Night hiphop
  7. Homecoming hiphop
  8. Nothing r&b
  9. Before You Go pop
  10. Jah Guidance reggae
  11. Street Life (part 2) hiphop
  12. Quiet Storm hiphop
  13. Lights Off hiphop
  14. Just Wanna Smash ft. Maskerade r&b
  15. Midnite r&b
  16. Love Trip hiphop
  17. Entrepreneurs hiphop
  18. God's Love r&b
  19. Autumn Girl r&b
  20. Superman hiphop
  21. Exotic Lover r&b
  22. Lifetime hiphop
  23. On My Own r&b
  24. Mrs. Parker soul r&b
  25. Medicate r&b
  26. Amsterdam City hiphop
  27. See You Again r&b
  28. Living reggae
  29. Dreamland r&b
  30. As Above, So Below r&b
  31. Irreversible r&b
  32. Up There r&b
  33. Medicate ft. Fred Nice r&b
  34. Kiss From Your Lips r&b
  35. Say So r&b
  36. Lost Without You r&b
  37. Stay r&b
  38. Good Morning hiphop
  39. HeartStop r&b
  40. Cruisin r&b
  41. Hate Me Now hiphop
  42. Stand Alone hiphop
  43. Loud Silence r&b
  44. Belong r&b
  45. Never Knew r&b
  46. No Second Thots r&b
  47. Never Change hiphop
  48. Soulville soul r&b
  49. Another Day hiphop
  50. Say So ft. Maskerade r&b
  51. Her r&b
  52. As You Are r&b
  53. No More r&b
  54. This Christmas r&b
  55. Not Alone r&b
  56. Perfection zouk
  57. Kiss From Your Lips ft. Maskerade r&b
  58. Secret Invitation r&b
  59. You And I pop
  60. She Knows r&b
  61. By My Side pop
  62. So Much Better ft. Maskerade r&b
  63. Lovely Days r&b
  64. Moment Of Truth hiphop
  65. Watcha Doin ft. Maskerade r&b
  66. Beautiful Distraction r&b
  67. All I Have r&b
  68. L.A. Love r&b
  69. Sunday Morning soul r&b
  70. Lay It Down r&b
  71. Don't Cry hiphop
  72. Nothing ft. Haz r&b
  73. Ima Gangsta hiphop
  74. Lovely Days ft. John Michael r&b
  75. Exhale reggae
  76. Desire r&b
  77. Suspicious r&b
  78. Hazy Thoughts hiphop
  79. The One pop
  80. Decisions r&b
  81. Feel It soul r&b
  82. How Could You r&b
  83. Giving You My All r&b
  84. Lost Ones soul r&b
  85. I'm Sorry r&b
  86. Love On You r&b
  87. She's So Fine r&b
  88. What I Promise ft. Maskerade pop
  89. Teardrops hiphop
  90. High School Love r&b
  91. Where'd You Go r&b
  92. He Say She Say r&b
  93. Family reggae
  94. Platinum Girl ft. Maskerade r&b
  95. Ridiculous reggae
  96. When The Lights Go Out r&b
  97. What Would Have Been r&b
  98. Platinum Girl r&b
  99. Unknown reggae
  100. Always And Forever r&b
  101. Street Life hiphop
  102. My Thing r&b
  103. Hot Tub r&b
  104. Zodiac Signs r&b
  105. Call Me r&b
  106. Keep Going r&b
  107. Fool For You r&b
  108. Somebody Special hiphop
  109. Addicted Soul hiphop
  110. Rock The Boat r&b
  111. Little Things r&b
  112. I Don't Mean It r&b
  113. Flashbacks r&b
  114. Giving You My All ft. Maskerade r&b
  115. Ex to Ex r&b
  116. Back To Love r&b
  117. Up 2 You r&b
  118. Fabulous r&b
  119. I Don't Mean It ft. Maskerade r&b
  120. Drop Of A Dime r&b
  121. Sex O'Clock r&b
  122. Sunrise r&b
  123. Over and Over r&b
  124. On The Grind r&b
  125. Love Letter r&b
  126. One Night Stand r&b
  127. Make Money hiphop
  128. Drop Of A Dime ft. J Stavo r&b
  129. Hey You soul r&b
    • N/A
  130. Touchin You r&b
    • N/A
  131. What I've Done r&b
    • N/A
  132. You're Mine zouk
    • N/A
  133. Make This Right ft. Maskerade r&b
    • N/A
  134. Favorite Girl r&b
    • N/A
  135. You Can Get It ft. Maskerade hiphop
    • N/A
  136. You Can Get It hiphop
    • N/A
  137. Wondering hiphop
    • N/A
  138. Stay The Night soul r&b
    • N/A
  139. Deja Vu hiphop
    • N/A
  140. My Love reggae
    • N/A
  141. Ease Up reggae
    • N/A
  142. It Won't Be Long ft. Maskerade hiphop
    • N/A
  143. Me, Myself and I ft. Maskerade hiphop
    • N/A
  144. Me, Myself and I hiphop
    • N/A
  145. Purple Haze hiphop
    • N/A
  146. Monde Paix pop
    • N/A
  147. Can U Handle It r&b
    • N/A
  148. Just Like Music ft. Maskerade r&b
    • N/A
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